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Val Carter was the founder and educational product developer of Tri-CAD Technologies, a Johannesburg-based company specializing in e-learning and multi-media online course development, particularly in the areas of training and technology-based learning solutions.

Recent Projects


The principal drive of this project is to integrate the subject of Computer Aided Design into the current technology subjects at secondary schools, FET colleges and Universities in order to develop multiple career pathways for its learners, particularly in the field of design.

Val Carter, as a specialized instructional technologist has, over the last 20 years, developed high-quality, innovative multi-media  educational methods to address the specific needs of educator and student development, with particular emphasis on industry-driven requirements in the engineering, construction, product design and manufacturing fields.

Her range of online educational products is sold internationally through various channels in the United States, European Communities and Australasia.



Val has designed all strategies in the creation of online instructional course content,  using a streamlined static-to-digital process and a highly effective method of video-based Worksession instruction. Efficient course assessment methodologies are designed and developed by Val, with outstanding reporting capabilities, providing valuable data to all participants, particularly in analytical diagnostics.

All client content is designed and deployed to each client’s specification and is developed with realistic lifetime scalability.  Additionally,  all content is purpose-built to each client’s specification and fully customized and branded to each company or educational institution’s brand.


D  E  P O  T

Val’s core competency over the last 25 years is in the field of Computer Aided Design, and her skill and competency as a trainer and course developer is recognized internationally across many CAD software brands.

Additionally, she is a published author of multiple training products for companies such as IMSI Design, a San Francisco-based software company since 2000 and her work in digital and online course development is still sold today through several international outlets.

Her knowledge in this field spans multiple brands of software and she has developed her own eLearning portal specifically targeted at the international online learning community.

This portal has recently been expanded into hosting a wide range of technology subjects and is trademarked as the DEPOT (Dynamic Elearning Portal of Technology)

The DEPOT is currently used extensively by South African universities such as North West University, University of the Free State and several TVET Colleges,  as well as distance learning institutions such as Unisa and multiple US-based international online technology institutions.


‘T A P A S’  

In her many years in the instructional educational field, Val has created and developed a host of successful learning methodologies which she has diligently integrated into her work as an educational technologist.

She has currently submitted her paper on her concept of TAPAS to international educational review boards.  Her innovation and development of Theory, Application, Practical, Assessment and Support has received wide peer-group approval is fully expected to become the industry standard in online learning.


Val’s range of experience across a diverse range of application competencies is extensive and are outlined briefly below,

Her statement of ‘concept to completion’ guarantees full capability across the following components of course design, from original authoring and video worksession creation to full LMS design and integration.


  • html authoring of original content;
  • rapid conversion of static-to-digital content;
  • amalgamation and integration of content from different modules;
  • creating output for translation into any language;
  • producing single-source, multiple output content for deployment across any interface or platform;
  • implementation of planned, across-platform update of content;
  • creating policy guidelines, online documentation and best-practice learner management strategies.


  • designing, capturing and producing original, engaging audio visual multimedia content with multiple language voice-overs;
  • full video script development with narration or voice-over;
  • instructional articulation with multi-language captions, speech-bubbles etc;
  • incorporating full assessment and user-participation into video content where necessary;
  • voice-over narration of existing videos. Accent is internationally accepted British non-regional.


  • design and develop lesson format based on expected course outcomes;
  • create storyboarding for lesson unit creation;
  • create Design Brief and Lesson Summaries based on Lesson content;


  • build courses from Lesson Units into specific content based on expected course outcomes;
  • assign lesson rules and implement recommended course progression strategies;
  • create interim assessments and scoring at recommended intervals;
  • design and develop projects and assignments with realistic deadline expectations;
  • implement annual calendar and scheduling structures with announcements, bulletins and notifications;
  • facilitate social media and resource sharing;


  • design and develop the eLearning infrastructure on consultation with the client;
  • build the lesson-course structure with considerations around subscribers/participants and integrate e-commerce solutions where necessary;
  • Implement lesson progression strategies, integrating interim assessments at recommended intervals;
  • Develop student/group/course analytics with full reporting;
  • Create automated certificates for successful completion of courses;
  • Provide and maintain student support strategies for distance learning, with full reporting and pattern-tracking capabilities.
'Nothing worth doing is ever easy!'


Currently available for contracts or project assignments either in her personal capacity or as a participant within a project.   Preference is for short to mid-term projects, collaborating with local or international team members from her office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Email : | Cellphone : (27) 082-447-1861  |  Website :

Online meetings or consultations are available on any conferencing platform and a login to her online portfolio of evidence is provided on request.

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