Premium TurboCAD Online Course




A powerhouse selection of the widest possible range of TurboCAD training for the serious user.

This PREMIUM course follows a highly diverse curriculum of TurboCAD topics in a sequential, WorkSession-based format.

This course can be done as a ‘qualifying’ course, with a certificate generated on course completion, or simply as a course guaranteed to boost your knowledge in the field of CAD.

Also suitable as an Instructor’s course.  Become a qualified CAD Instructor/Lecturer by signing up for this bumper-edition of training.

An online course only, using a selection of the most popular TurboCAD sessions across the entire TurboCAD Training Program series.

Excellent navigational side slide-out menu helps you quickly navigate between sessions, or move to specific topics of interest.

Check or uncheck your sessions as ‘Completed’ to bookmark your sessions. Revisit or recap any session at any time.

Follow the sequential WorkSessions at your own pace, or revisit any session to recap your knowledge.

Your login will not expire so you can brush up your skills whenever it suits you.

All WorkSessions contain a full overview, detailed, colorful instructions, and a video worksession demonstrating the recommended method of constructing your design.  A Summary concludes the session, rounding off your accumulated knowledge in preparation for the next Session.

Comprehensive WorkSessions cover the following areas of TurboCAD in  self-paced, sequential sessions :

Introduction to TurboCAD 2D-3D

Knowledge 2D covers all the 2D tools you will use during your 2D WorkSessions.

7  2D WorkSessions covering an extensive array of 2D drafting and annotation tools.

5-part component and assembly sequence to demonstrate how to assemble multiple parts into a full assembly.

Knowledge 3D covers all the design tools you will need to construct and assemble solid parts.

8 3D Worksessions covering an impressive array of  modeling tools with real-time parametric updates of parts.

Specific Purpose Exercises covering specialized topics like Design Constraints, the Drafting Palette and Sheet Metal Design.

Quick Tutorials & Bonus Sessions, updated frequently, which provide video tutorials for a stunning array of designs using our popular theme of ‘design in everyday objects’

This premium edition of TurboCAD Training is available as an online course only due to the frequent dynamic updates.

You will be provided with a profile and you can login from any laptop or mobile device whenever it suits you.

There is no time limit to completing your course – work entirely at your own pace.

Bonus sessions and Quick Tutorials are added regularly to keep you interested in a wide range of designs.

We offer unprecedented personal support, directly from your personal tutor.

You will keep the same tutor for the entire duration of your course and all support queries are private – no ‘tickets’ are submitted and communications between you and your tutor are not posted on a public forum.

Your personal tutor will mentor your progress throughout the entire duration of your course and will provide you with expert assistance and professional advice.

All tutors are trained in the ‘gold standard’ of TurboCAD support and have many years of expertise and training in this field.

We offer discounts to multiple educators at the same institution.  Use the form below to enquire about this.

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