A unique, limited-duration offer for schools wishing to access our exceptional cloud-based CAD learning content.

Sequential lesson content, practical designs and mini-assignments are available using your preferred software.

Multiple students from your school can participate in this mentored, progressive learning program.

2D Drawing, 3D Design, Solid Modeling, Specific Purpose Exercises, Video Tutorials and dozens of bonus sessions, quick tutorials and ‘guest podcasts’ presented regularly by our guest hosts.

Learn Computer Aided Design from basics to advanced with our peer-approved eLearning system.  

All content authored and developed by Instructional Technologists with over 20 years experience!


Planned WorkSessions allow students to pace themselves through the lesson content using a sequential lesson plan.

No time constraints on any WorkSession or Practical Exercise.  Students work completely at their own pace.

Be part of an established CAD learning community and benefit from all the latest technology innovations.

At-School Students login for free, with no annual registration fee.

There is no limit to the amount of students who register per school.

Students keep the same profile even if they move to a different school.

All students do the same curriculum, irrespective of Grade or Age.



Exceptional Educator Training is provided, with access to your own personal tutor for assistance and support

There is no limit to the amount of educators trained per school.

Educators retain access to the learning content allowing them to recap any WorkSessions whenever it’s convenient.

All educator worksessions are mentored by experts in the field of CAD and will assist and support you throughout your entire course.

We offer outstanding support to both our participating educators and students.

All communications with your Tutor is personal; no tickets are issued and no support queries are posted on a public forum.

You will be assigned a dedicated tutor who is a specialist in the field of CAD and has been trained in the gold-standard of CAD training.

All Tutors have extensive CAD product knowledge, irrespective of your preferred software.

Multimedia Sessions are uploaded regularly in the form of Quick Tutorials.

These Tutorials provide lesson content in two, ten and twenty minute video tasks – quick, informal learning.

Podcasts for specific-purpose exercises are uploaded regularly.

Online Instructional Sessions are broadcast at regular intervals, using subject specialists in their field of design. 

For example, engineers, architects and technologists are invited at regular intervals to host a learning segment in their field of expertise.  This provides real-world exposure to the latest technologies.

All our hosted learning segments are made available for download after the live broadcast.