About Tri-CAD Technologies

Tri-CAD Technologies is a private, Johannesburg-based company specializing in e-learning multi-media  software development, particularly in the areas of training and technology-based learning solutions.  The principal drive of our initiative is to integrate the subject of Computer Aided Design into the resident technology subjects at secondary schools, FET colleges and Universities in order to develop multiple career pathways for its learners, particularly in the field of design.

Tri-CAD Technologies has, over the last 20 years, developed high-quality, innovative multi-media  educational methods to address the specific needs of educator and student development, with particular emphasis on industry-driven requirements in the engineering, construction, product design and manufacturing fields.  

Tri-CAD’s range of e-learning educational products and CAD Syllabus Modules are sold internationally through various retail channels, particularly in the United States, European Communities and Australasia and have been credited internationally as a ‘breakthrough in modern teaching technology’

We also specialize in creating instructional course content using a streamlined static-to-digital process. Each course is created and deployed specifically to each client’s specification and is developed with realistic lifetime scaleability.  Our ability to fast-track help file creation and online documentation in any subject, along with our knowledge of single-source/multiple-output documentation onto any platform is highly regarded.

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About IMSI/Design

IMSI/Design is dedicated to championing the growth and improvement of technology in education. In addition to creating software and support materials that build a solid learning foundation for students of all ages the goal of the IMSI/Design Education Program is to provide students and faculty with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge necessary for success in their professions, curriculums, and for their growth as life-long learners.

IMSI/Design is a leading developer of CAD and precision design software. We publish innovative design tools that inspire students of all ages to learn, brainstorm, plan, innovate, and create. With our products in use in schools and universities worldwide, our award-winning software is revolutionizing learning in education—inspiring students to develop strong thinking and organizational skills to improve their academic performance.

These educational products are available to South African schools, colleges and universities exclusively through Tri-CAD Technologies, a Johannesburg-based development company committed to providing top-quality, affordable learning content to educational institutions in Africa.