eLearning Systems

We provide client-customized, exceptional learner management and course creation facilities. 

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Course Creation

  • Lessons and Course Modules created and presented in the digital format of your choice.  Html, iPub, eBook etc.
  • Complied as standalone modules or as part of an eLearning system.
  • Media-rich content, includes hi-res 3D graphics, audio visual content, video creation and voice-overs.

Course and Data Conversion

  • Conversion of all course data, from static to digital.
  • Source data includes, text book, word documents, pdf documents, powerpoint slides – all converted to digital, online/offline learning content.
  • Extremely fast and affordable solution.  Any language, any format.
  • Audio visual creation, including sound effects and voice-overs.
  • Electronic eBook creation for tablets or mobile devices.
  • Full Learner Manager System.

Accessible from Mobile Devices

  • Students have 24/7 access to the learning content.
  • Any PC, tablet or mobile device can be used to access the learning content.
  • Educators can use the tablet Bluetooth function to connect to Smartboards.
  • Assignments, drawings and calculations can be uploaded from any mobile device.

We also create Learner Manager Systems using some of the features below :

Lesson Rules

  • Lesson Completion rules and conditions.
  • View student progress percentages.
  • Assign access to multiple course content by creating Groups.

Projects, Assignments and Tests

  • Multiple Projects and Assignments per course or subject with automatic reporting.
  • Create Interim Assessments and Tests.
  • Mark assignments or assessments online, including CAD drawings.

Calendar and Year Planning

  • Create a Year Plan at the beginning of each year, including dates for all important events.
  • View your Agenda for the month or year.
  • Add announcements or reminders to the calendar


  • Make announcements & create calendar events
  • Announcements can be sent as e-mail reminders.
  • Set up announcements to correspond to Test dates.

Group Communication

  • Create Student Groups for easy communication
  • Send e-mails and messages to student groups
  • Post messages to students, viewable in their dashboard
  • Use the Chat facility to interact with online users

Instant Messaging

  • Use Instant Messaging to stay in contact with any student group.
  • Useful for creating alerts to podcasts etc.
  • All messages tracked and retained

Social Media

  • Create Forums per lesson, subject or course with analytical feedback.
  • Create a Feedback facility per Lesson or course to track trends or QA issues.

Resource Sharing

  • Create Blogs & Wiki’s for knowledge sharing
  • Create links to websites or uploaded content
  • Insert YouTube videos without intrusive advertising
  • Create an interactive FAQ facility
  • Participate in Shared Educator Resources


  • Completely customizable dashboard for educators & students.
  • Separate logins for all users
  • Each user’s zone is completely private, including Journal.

File Uploading and Security

  • Multiple files can be uploaded and distributed to student groups.
  • Files can be stored indefinitely, archived or reused.
  • Students have  24/7 access to files and learning content.
  • Any content can be securely uploaded, including drawings, videos and documentation.
  • Permanent, secure cloud storage and archive facility.


  • Superior reporting by Lesson or Course.
  • Reports available for each student and each subject.
  • Class reports can be generated providing graphs & statistics.
  • Each user’s time management can be viewed and tracked.
  • Student can print own reports directly.
  • Reports, graphs and statistics can be permanently archived.

Reports & Certification

  • Certificates issued at completion of courses and in compliance with pre-defined conditions.
  • Students login to download and print their own certificate.  No more lost certificates!

System Development & Hosting

  • Completely customized eLearning System, developed around your needs.
  • Hosting and site management provided.

Annual Subscription Plans

  • Affordable monthly or annual subscription plans.
  • Subscription plans customized around each client.