TurboCAD Deluxe 2D3D Expanded

An expanded, powerhouse selection of drawings and designs curated from our most popular sessions.  All suitable for TurboCAD Deluxe users!

TurboCAD ‘Expanded Training’  is the complete solution to learning TurboCAD Deluxe 2D and 3D over an amazing 17 WorkSessions, including a full Knowledge 2D and 3D section.

Connect and communicate with your personal tutor for speedy, professional support and expert technical advice.

Choose your preferred conferencing platform, choose your cost-free 15 minute slot, upload your drawing and we’ll be there to coach and assist you.

All WorkSessions contain full audio-visual instructions for a start-to-finish learning experience.

Learn from Work, from School, from College, from Anywhere!

UPDATED to TurboCAD v2023 but suitable for any TurboCAD user.


A newly expanded course for TurboCAD Deluxe using a selection of the most popular TurboCAD sessions across the entire TurboCAD Training Program series.

Excellent navigational side slide-out menu helps you quickly navigate between sessions, or move to specific topics of interest.

Online connectivity ensures a regular update of new and exciting tutorials.


20 amazing WorkSessions covering basic-to-advanced techniques.  Learn all the concepts of 2D drawing and 3D design in one training program.  Includes :

Introduction to TurboCAD 2D-3D

7  2D WorkSessions covering an extensive array of 2D drafting and annotation tools.

5-part component and assembly sequence to demonstrate how to assemble multiple parts into a full assembly.

8 3D Worksessions covering an impressive array of  modeling tools with real-time parametric updates of parts.

Quick Tutorials & Bonus Sessions, updated frequently, which provide video tutorials for a stunning array of designs using our popular theme of ‘design in everyday objects’

Follow the sequential WorkSessions at your own pace, or revisit any session to recap your knowledge.

All WorkSessions contain a full overview, detailed, colorful instructions, and a video worksession demonstrating the recommended method of constructing your design.  

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We offer unprecedented online personal support, directly from your personal tutor.

You will keep the same tutor for the entire duration of your course and all support queries are private – no ‘tickets’ are submitted and communications between you and your tutor are not posted on any public forum.

Choose your preferred conferencing platform, book your 15 minute slot, and we’ll be there!  You can even upload your drawing if you need specific advice.

Includes free, unlimited personal email support.

All tutors are trained in the ‘gold standard’ of TurboCAD support and have many years of expertise and training in this field.

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