Logins & Passwords

Below are some instructions to assist first-time users in accessing our online courses.  All passwords issued are temporary and can be changed after your first login.  Please follow the instructions below for more information.


TurboCAD Training & Certification

Pro-Platinum & Deluxe users


1. The Serial Number you have purchased is your login to your 2D3D online Training & Certification course.

2. Go to the TurboCAD 2D Training & Certification site and input your Serial Number, shown below into the Login field.

Support TCC01


3. The default, first-time password for TurboCAD Training & Certification Professional users will be ttcstudent

4. The default, first-time password for TurboCAD Training & Certification Deluxe users will be student

5. Input the relevant temporary password depending on whether you are a Professional or Deluxe user into the Password field.

6. After you have created your first login, you can change your personal details, including your name, email address and your  personal password by going to the Dashboard shown below.  Remember : We cannot communicate with you until you have input your email address.

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7. Next, select Account, shown below.

Support TCC03

7. You may now create your personal profile similar to the sample below.  Remember to click Submit when you have input your personal details.


Support TCC05

Please contact us personally should you require further assistance with accessing your TurboCAD Training & Certification program. Remember to include the Serial Number which you have purchased.